Hi, I'm Antoine

Young self-taught and passionate developer
Also known on the web as Melio

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About me

Passionate about everything that touches the IT world, I am a young French developer and self-taught.
I started developing a few years ago, starting with web development and then programming discord bots.

You will find below my main projects and thus some of my discord bots, coded in JavaScript with discord.js.
However, I am currently mainly "known" as the founder of two discord projects that are close to my heart : @Méliodas et StellarBotList


My projects

Meliodas is a multifunctional but easy to use bot discord. It is currently available in English (by default) and French.

Naybor is a music bot discord currently still in development, English and French.

StellarBotList.com is a discord bots referrer allowing you to find the bot of your dreams or to increase its visiblity.

A community discord server to help with development (for discord bots for example) and support my projects.

[French project] Website of a videogame helping financing the prom of my senior year in high school, with profiles, payments, etc.

Contact me

Do not hesitate to contact me ; I am always available for new projects, suggestions, etc..
This form allows you to chat via email, but you can always contact me on my own discord server.

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